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Our focus is on placing our precious pup in loving homes where they will be accepted as member of the family.

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Chow Chow Rescue Society

Chow Chow Rescue Society was started in 2016. We are an organization developed to help chow chow’s needing attention now, whether in shelters,owner surrenders or homeless. We are a small but very dedicated group whose passion is to find the perfect, loving forever family for each of our fosters. Each of our founding members has a deep and abiding love for dogs/puppies but Chow Chows have stolen our hearts. 

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Please help us share this fundraiser and every $5 helps. Go fund me does take a 3% portion so if you prefer pay pal.


Order your Pet Food at and Chow Chow Rescue Society, Inc. will get a $20 donation!

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What we do

Our Services

Rescuing Pets

Our rescued dogs come from all different walks of life. Some were homeless, abused or surrendered by owners who can no longer care for them. When we receive a call to help a dog in need, we take all measures to ensure that we can provide them with the assistance that they require. As we are a non-profit organization, every dollar helps us find and provide them the much needed care.

Finding Pets a Home

If you are interested in owning a rescued dog, go to our help page and fill out our application form. We greatly appreciate your support and trust that you give us here at Chow Chow Rescue Society.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

Our organization tries to save and help rescued dogs that are in need of a new home. We rely heavily on donations and volunteers to fulfill the needs of the rescued dogs. We believe that every rescued dog deserves a home and love.


Pet Adoption Notes

What to know about Adopting vs. Buying a dog

When you choose to adopt, you’re doing a great thing. Many dogs end up in shelters or get rescued from harsh conditions. But this doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a second chance. Adopting a pet means that you’re giving an animal a new life. Often, dogs in rescues or shelters come from abusive homes or lived on the street. You have the opportunity to bring some happiness into their lives.

E-LEARNING : Safely acclimating a reactive dog into your home 101

Is your dog reactive towards people or other animals? If you have a newly added adoption, this course will help you make the transition smooth and successful. If you’ve been struggling with a reactive dog, this mini course gives you the tools to begin to repair your foundation and begin the healing process.

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