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Our Chow Chow
Jack and Levi

Jack and Levi

Jack and Liam are 6 year old brothers who have lived with both male and female dogs as well as cats.



Basil is a 5 year old male neutered chow that is good with female dogs and small breed male dogs.


CCRS needs your help!

2018 has been an expensive and rocky year full of medical cases human and dog related. Our rescue President who tries to keep everyone up to date has been dealing with her own health issues for a year now but struggling through to care for the dogs. Our great board members have stepped up to help with fundraising and to be there for our followers.

Thank you for all your support in helping these innocent dogs!

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Please help us share this fundraiser and every $5 helps. Go fund me does take a 3% portion so if you prefer pay pal or venmo, just ask for usernames.

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